Bambù, coltivazione e curiosità

The bamboo (bamboo in English) identifies a group of plants in the family of grasses.
Bambusoideae (subfamily of bamboos) has about 1400 species, 100/101 genera and is divided into two groups: woody bamboos (Bambuseae) and herbaceous bamboos (Olyreae).
Italy the most widespread and well-known genus is the giant bamboo (Phyllostachys edulis) also known as Moso.

Bamboo: how it is made and where it comes from

Bamboo has a shrubby shape , it is evergreen and very vigorous. Its height varies from a few centimeters up to 40 meters while its diameter can reach 30 cm. there are also many shapes and colors that this plant can take: yellow, black, striped, climbing, thorny. Although bamboo is a native plant of China , it is now cultivated in all areas of the world where there is a temperate climate.
Foresta di Bambù

The giant bamboo

The giant bamboo forest, also known as bambuseto, is a rapid and sustainable cultivation in which to admire the power of nature.

The characteristics of the giant bamboo forest

In a giant bamboo forest, the canes exceed 15 meters in height; the foliage is evergreen throughout the year. Bamboo is a very sustainable plant since it produces oxygen but absorbs more carbon dioxide than any other plant. In fact, a giant bamboo forest sequesters up to 7 times more CO2 than a forest of trees of the same size. Finally, the giant bamboo is particularly long-lived: a forest can remain productive for over 100 years and the collection of plants does not imply deforestation because new specimens grow continuously. Furthermore, bamboo fronds are the perfect habitat for many animal species.


The characteristics that arouse most curiosity with respect to bambooare its growth and flowering.

This plant, in fact, grows quickly, up to 10 cm per day. Guiness, from this point of view, was reached in Japan where a sample of bamboo reached one meter in height in just one day.
Compared to flowering, however, bamboo is very slow. Some species of bamboo flower after 100 years and sometimes, due to the stress caused by this action, the bamboos die.

This plant is versatile and used in many sectors and by many companies: in food, fashion, design, furnishings and wellness treatments through the bathing forest.

Being a natural and eco-sustainable plant, it can replace polluting materials such as plastic.

Where to discover a giant bamboo forest

A Bamboo Villageyou can see a 4-hectare bamboo forest where you can observe this plant, its growth, beauty and characteristics.
The staff of the Borgo is always available to clarify doubts and reveal anecdotes concerning this plant.
At the Borgo, there is also the Wellness&Relaxthanks to which to regenerate through the Bathing Forest.
An added value is the opportunity to benefit from a photo shoot surrounded by bamboo through the Family Photoshoot package .

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