Cilento Forest

At Borgo del Bambù you will find the only Bamboo Forest in Southern Italy, a piece of Orient in Cilento.
The bamboo garden is the ideal place to savor new rhythms of life.
Slower, simpler, more serene.
Surrounded by the bamboo forest, you can indulge in the relaxation experience you can’t believe it was possible.

5 hectares of bamboo in the hills for a wellness holiday.
Restore the body.
Regenerate the senses. Give new life to your spirit.

Bathing Forest

Bathing Forest is the time when only you exist.
Walking through our bamboo grove relaxes you; it is therapy.
Listen to the rustle of bamboo leaves and fill your eyes with greenery.
Let this ancient Japanese practice restore your ancestral connection to nature.

Our bamboo garden saves the environment

Bamboo is also well-being for the planet.
One hectare of giant bamboo, in one year, is able to absorb 17 tons of carbon dioxide.
Borgo del Bambù is surrounded by almost 4 hectares of giant bamboo which captures around 68 tons of CO2 per year.

Giant bamboo plants, with equal proportions compared to a forest of trees, absorb 5 times the amount of carbon dioxide producing 35% more oxygen.
Bamboo reduces the gases responsible for the greenhouse effect.
The environmental power of this plant is incredible.

Our bamboo forest helps the environment

Kg of CO2 absorbed

Bamboo Bathing Forest

What is Bamboo Bathing Forest

The “Bathing Bamboo Forest ” is a practice born in Japan with the name of “Shinrin Yoku” and is widespread in some Far Eastern countries.


• Reduces stress
• Strengthens the immune system
• Increases energy
• Feeling of relaxation
• Improve sleep
• Unleash creativity

Great against

• Chronic stress
• Anxiety
• Depression


• Arrival at the facility and check-in
• Presentation of the experience
• Forest Bathing and practices of connection with nature
• End of route
• Shower with chromotherapy and food detox
(herbal tea or equivalent to medicinal herbs)

Meet The Founder

Giovanni Mottola

Giovanni will accompany you

Borgo del Bambù è
una fuga dal caos
per assaporare la vita

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Borgo del Bambù is
an escape from the chaos
to savor life

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