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What is Bathing Bamboo Forest?
The ” Bathing Bamboo Forest ” is a practice born in Japan with the name of “Shinrin Yoku” and is very
widespread in some countries of the Far East.

What are the benefits?
The benefits deriving from Bathing Bamboo Forest are really many and involve mind and body.
The oxygen produced by plants promotes respiration and lowers cortisol levels, the
so-called stress hormone. Furthermore, the monoterpenes promote relaxation by clarifying the
ideas. Many experts recommend forest bathing before making decisions as it
refreshes the mind and helps clarify. It also lowers the heart rate and regulates the
breathing with benefits for the cardiovascular system. And the benefits are also for the
immune system.

The program:
Prepare to embark on the experience, establishing a connection with the surrounding nature, away from the stress of everyday life. Follow the stages in order, designed to make the practice of Bathing Bamboo Forest at its best.

To fully enjoy our experience, we recommend:
Don’t think of this experience as training; put your
smartphone; slowly and deeply; favor sensory experience, without thinking
about it!
Through our path, designed only for you, contact with nature represents
an experience of absolute well-being.
It is not about hiking or trekking, but about living the experience through the 5 senses – sight,
hearing, taste, smell and touch – stimulated by the bamboo forest that surrounds us.


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